The Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification for Toms River Fire District No. 1 is class 3, effective January 1, 2014.

ISO is an independent company that serves insurance companies, communities, fire departments, insurance regulators and others by providing information about risk. ISO’s expert staff collects information about municipal fire suppression efforts in communities throughout the United States. In each of those communities, ISO analyzes the relevant data and assigns a Public Protection Classification – a number from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents an exemplary fire suppression program and class 10 indicates that the area’s fire suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.

ISO’s Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. In fact, most U.S. insurers – including the largest ones – use PPC information as part of their decision-making when deciding what business to write, coverage’s to offer or prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance.