Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Seneca

“When I moved to Toms River, the first thing I did was sign up to volunteer,” said Erin Seneca, who volunteers at East Dover Fire Company. “I combined two things I was passionate about: volunteering and get involved in the town, and firefighting, which I always wanted to do.”

Erin’s background was as an EMT and volunteering in emergency services runs in her blood. Growing up in Colonia, NJ, her grandfather and uncle were both firefighters and her brothers were in the exploratory program. Erin and her cousins began volunteering as EMTs at Colonia First Aid Squad in 2006.

When the junior explorers at the local fire department started going to Ohio for firefighting camp, Erin was invited to help with the EMS courses. There, she participated in firefighting activities like repelling off a building and knew she wanted to become a firefighter too.

Erin joined East Dover Fire Company of Toms River Fire Department in 2020 as a Firefighter/EMT. Her daughter was one at the time and it was convenient to attend courses in the same town at the Toms River Fire Training Center.

Erin also helps with the Santa Run, organizes the Christmas party for firefighters’ children, and became a trustee in 2024.

“Being a part of the fire department is like having a brand new family,” said Erin. “Knowing I can call them for help at any time and they’ll be there is the biggest benefit.”

She is currently one of two women at East Dover and encourages other women to join.

“Don’t let the fact that it’s a majority of men hold you back from doing it,” said Erin. “The guys are great and helpful, especially when I was going through the academy.”

When Erin isn’t volunteering, she works as a high school math teacher at High Technology High School, teaching Calculus 2. This is her 18th year teaching.

To learn more about volunteering, visit www.trfire.org.